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Happy New Year!

We hope this message finds you motivated and ready to conquer your fitness goals in 2024! Whether it's smashing a PB, trying a new class, or simply to join the gym- we're here to support you every step of the way.

New year, new website

One of our New Year's resolutions was to officially launch this new website- so welcome! We're hoping you can now find all the information you need about The Atrium more easily. If

you think there's still missing info, please let us know- we love feedback!

New year, new timetable

We've also launched an updated class timetable. It's still packed with lots of varied classes, with a brand new addition of Body Blast on Monday evenings. We know we're bias, but we think we've got the best class timetable in Reading!!!

New year, new changing rooms

Another resolution is to open the new gym changing rooms- we know the new showers are highly anticipated and can't wait for our changing facilities to match the quality of the gym. When you arrive at the gym, you might hear some drilling as we complete the final few weeks of work on them- exciting times!

We've got lots more to complete in 2024, and want our members with us every step of the way. Whatever your health and fitness goals, we're here for you! Happy new year all,

Josh Baines, Managing Director

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Great message Josh! Flipping love the new website! Been on every page. Looking forward to all the new developments 💪🔥


Roll on 2024 at The Atrium!! 😍🎉


Happy new year, website looks great 😍

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